by Cuboro

The starter set for the 5 and older crowd, the Cuboro Basic is an ingenious building block and marble run toy made in Switzerland. Consisting of 30 natural beech wood elements in 12 functions (Functions 1-12), Cuboro provides hours of fascination and challenge to 3-year-olds and 90-year-olds alike.

Depending on the player’s ability, you can construct attractively simple, or complex and long track systems. The right combination of the various elements results in track systems that run on the surface and/or through the blocks. There are also complementary sets and books (sold separately) that can add to the complexity and the fun!

Cuboro has been said to be the antidote to the short attention spans many people complain of nowadays, and it also encourages the joy of experimentation, spatial ability, logical thinking, and motor activity. Whilst you can play with it alone, it can also be turned into a team sport. It is always creative and exciting and is truly a developmental and educational marvel.


Age                        5+

Pieces                     21

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