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Comet Board Game

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Look up! Comet is coming – and you should prepare to be blown away!

Comet is a competitive engine builder without combat with a unique resource concept. In the distant past, you try to save various animal species from an impending comet impact. Choose wisely, because the rescued animals will support your further rescue maneuvers in various ways.

Change the past!

Comet offers you the unique opportunity to travel millions of years into the past! Skillfully combine card abilities to save animals from the ominous comet with the help of your saviors. Animals you’ve already rescued will join you and use their abilities to help you on your next rescue missions.

You want smooth gameplay without sacrificing variety or strategic depth? You want exciting interaction on the game board but without combat? Then Comet is the right game for you! Comet is quickly explained and played. Nevertheless, even frequent players will navigate through the combinations of card mechanics differently in each game to get the most rescue points.

Asymmetric hero cards

Different types of cards deepen the strategic decisions. Skillfully use your hero card’s ability and combine it with the abilities of the animals you save during the game.

On a hero card you will find a special ability that can determine the focus of your actions during the game. For example, some heroes give you particularly efficient movement actions, while others give you access to better hand cards.

You’ll also find an individual way to generate rescue points on your hero card. Some heroes give you rescue points for rescued cards of a certain type (silver cards, for example), for the specified color of the eggs of your rescued animals, or for a specific area on the animal cards.

Interesting savior movement on the board

Think carefully where you place your saviors because your opponents can jump over your tokens to get to the safe cavern faster! It would be much better if you could take advantage of the other players’ saviors instead, right?

To move, you use the two areas shown on your played animal card. You can extend your movement range with wild symbols. But always remember that you must discard the used cards after the movement action!

Fast and strategic

In Comet, you can expect quick turns and a high level of interaction on the game board. The basic mechanics and rules of the game are quickly learned. With Comet, frequent players get an entertaining game that offers depth. But beginners can handle Comet intuitively as well and enjoy an entertaining game experience.

Each game presents a new challenge, as you must skillfully adapt to your opponent’s actions to win.

When the last silver card is drawn, the comet phase is initiated.

Only the player who drew the last card and thus initiated the comet phase is allowed to rest completely, i.e., to refill their hand up to their card limit and to ready all exhausted animals.

All others may either refill their hand up to the card limit or ready their animals one last time. From now on, the “Rest” action can no longer be performed and you try to save a few more animals before you run out of options!


Age                        12+

No. Players           2 - 4

Time                      45 - 75 mins

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