Clay-Fingers: How Are You Feeling? AR Play Set

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Fancy some clay modeling but always felt that they are not 'real' enough? How about bringing them to 'life'? Introducing the 'Clay Fingers - How Are You Feeling Playset' from Korea! Simply mold your clay creation onto the provided AR cards accordingly, download the app, and you will see your creation comes to 'life' via the AR (Augmented Reality) technology!

  • Improves Story Telling
  • Improves Hand-Eyes-Coordination
  • Improves 3D Understanding
  • For ages 5+

Why choose our clay?


  • 1x Pictorial Background
  • 5x AR Card
  • 1x Set of Expression Stickers
  • 1x Modeling Tool Set
  • 1x Cube
  • 1x Manual
  • 27x 15g CLAY(3x Red, 3x Orange, 3x Black, 3x Green, 3x Blue, 3x Yellow, 3x Purple, 6x White)

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