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Classic RPG Dice Set (7)

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Color: Purple & yellow

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What does Classic mean? Classic is never outdated, never embarrassing and is proof of a sense of style. It fits everything and is useful in every situation. It fits everyone, not only the rich and the snobs. The classic can be simple or sophisticated but it is never vulgarly ornate. The golden rule of moderation is what distinguishes it from all other things. So, how does the Q WORKSHOP understand the Classic RPG dice? It is a Set of Polyhedral Dice made from best materials according to a classically elegant design and crafted with simple but beautiful elven font, readable as never before. These are no trinkets. It is a very useful set for all games. These are RPG dice for beginners and veterans alike. Available in many colors, these dice should help your heroes explore dungeons, fight with dragons, and let them find the right adventurous path in all worlds. These sets will be your friends. Take them with you wherever you play your favorite games. We are proud of our Classic Dice Sets because the simplicity of these game-tools has been combined with aesthetics. NO one has the right to say that Classic means boring and ordinary. We create beautiful dice, Classic are not a deviation from this principle.

The meaning of colours

  • Classic Stormy & white - This new is the quintessence of the power of the ocean, because of looks like a storm reflecting in the sea waters. These are for people who feel good in sea climates and every adventure is like a cruise into the unknown, and restless waters are no obstacle. This set pass for campaigns in both the real and metaphorical depths.
  • Classic Purple-Yellow - The latest color in our collection designed for all lovers of noble purple, who want to boast about an aristocratic pedigree. It can also be used by lovers of small sweet ponies, but they certainly will not admit it.
  • Classic Lavender & white - do not be fooled by this kind of floral , because the arrows of forest elves hurt the same as others, but they have lavender darts. These are, therefore, dice for aesthetes who do not care about the judgments of others, love beautiful and even in a garland of lavender, they still can defeat any monster.
  • Classic Cobalt & white - Cobalt is saturated blue, like the deep of the oceans during a storm, or the forces of secret magic. These dice are for people who cross all boundaries because they want to and do not look for applause. This is a for explorers, tough heroines and heroes, who do not believe in failure.
  • Classic Beige-Burgundy - Crème de la crème in our collection of Classic Dice. This set makes you believe it was made of ivory, which may look simple, but it is one of the most prized materials in the world. We have created it for all striders and pathfinders who want to reach distant lands.
  • Classic Olive & white - the first truly military , for lovers of all formations and army. Of course, the quality is much higher than a typical military article and should survive innumerable campaigns, battles, and sessions with wine and olives. Our dice are, after all, universal, this is really a classic and obligatory feature of our sets.
  • Classic Pearl & red  – this is not a white set, its pearly with red admixtures like blood on the trampled snow after a hard battle. These dice are just for people who win. No important with what obstacles and how hard this struggle was. These are for all those who roll as the last in the clash and survive.
  • Classic Smoky & white  – There is no smoke without the fire. The owner of these dice is like the quiet water at the banks, similarly secretive and dangerous. Many mysteries are hidden under the cover of smoke. are designed for a hero full of secrets, who talks less, acts more and likes the silence around him.
  • Classic Caramel & yellow  - Caramel is sweetness, yellow symbolizes life. These dice are intended for all amateurs of earthly pleasures, not the grim, sarcastic cynics, always talking with one-liners. This is the set for merry thieves, joyful rangers, and people who value life in every form.

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