Circuit Scribe Basic Kit

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Draw Your Own Circuits

Electrify your circuit drawings with conductive pens from Circuit Scribe. It makes designing circuits as easy as doodling. With Circuit Scribe, who needs wires?
The Basic Kit comes with our most fundamental modules, but you can use them to create some cool circuits! Connect the LEDs in parallel or series, use capacitors to fade them on and off, or make a paper touch sensor with the NPN transistor. Kit comes with a Conductive Ink Pen.

No shaking. No squeezing. No goop. No smell. No waiting for ink to dry. Just Draw.

Circuit Scribe’s Pens are filled with highly conductive silver ink and equipped with 1.0 mm-fine ball tips to produce wide, uniform, skip-free lines, to bring your circuit diagram sketches to life.

Works on many surfaces

While specifically formulated for high conductivity and quick drying on standard paper, the Circuit Scribe Pen can also be used on many surfaces with varying performance. Try on photopaper for erasable circuits (by scratching with the side of a module to erase)! 

The Basic Kit is an entry level kit with a full-size pen, light outputs, and so much more! Explore basic circuit concepts like conductivity and work up to creating two kinds of blinking circuits using both the blinker circuit module and hand-drawn momentary switches.

The Basic Kit comes with an Inventor's Notebook with an overview on how to use the kit and 8 pages of circuit drawing projects. Our Basic Kit Plus contains a workbook with 27 pages of lessons that works through resistance, elements in parallel and series, open circuits and short-circuits, and drawing electrical circuits.

Includes 6 Modules:

  • 9V Battery adapter with 9V battery 
  • x2 LEDs 
  • Switch 
  • Blinker
  • Dimmer

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