Chillafish BMXie-RS Balance Bike FAD Edition (Sergeant Heart)

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Special Edition, the coolest balance bike in the world! The Chillafish BMXie balance bike does not compromise, featuring a real BMX-style bicycle frame, oversized tubing and extremely lightweight!

With new kind of tyres : Airless RubberSkin Tyres have foam core so that they cannot puncture with an outside rubber layer making them like real tyres.

Balance bikes are great for your toddlers first bike as it teaches your little ones how to balance all on their very own!

Designed to encourage toddlers to use their arms and lift their legs when moving forward, helping your little one build strength, develop motor skills, coordination and agility.

The Chillafish BMXie balance bike is a fantastic choice with its sleek design and super light frame!

About this BMXie Special Edition FAD balance bike This special edition FAD BMXie balance bike is themed army of love designed by Katoo Van Opdenbsch. FAD stands for fabulously artistic designs. Chillafish is an ambassador for peace, love and happiness!

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