Canvas + Complete Bundle (Kickstarter)

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On your turn, take a transparent card. The leftmost card is free. Each subsequent card costs an extra Inspiration Token. If the card you select contains tokens, take them.

Layer your transparent cards to reveal or cover different combinations of design element icons.

Create a painting by sleeving 3 transparent cards together. Then present your masterpiece.

Gain ribbons by matching the scoring cards. Try to match as many scoring cards as you can to gain the most points and win Best In Show!

Inside the Box:

  • Canvas
  • Kickstarter Exclusive Mini-Expansion
  • 20 Screen Printed Wood Tokens
  • 5 Wood Easels
  • All Stretch Goals

Note: This is The CEO Pledge with all stretch goals. 


Age                        14+

No. Players           1 - 5

Time                      30 mins

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