Bloodborne: The Hunter's Nightmare

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The Hunter has become the Hunted

The Chalice Dungeon has thrown a lot at you. You’ve defeated terrifying monsters and come out the other end unscathed, gathering all manner of trophies along the way. But there’s always more monsters ahead of you. And this time, the consequences for failure will be felt into your next life. Thankfully, there are some powerful Runes that can help along the way. Bloodborne: The Card Game – The Hunter’s Nightmare expansion gives you unique challenges and extra opportunities for your games. With new monsters and bosses, players will have to be careful. Each time they die, their Death Tokens will move down their Trophy tile, limiting how many they can collect. But with the help of powerful Runes, playing certain cards can have an extra bonus.

New Monsters and Gear

This set includes new monsters and bosses, along with new Gear cards to expand games of Bloodborne: The Card Game.

Death Tokens

Death has a more lasting impact with the use of Death Tokens. With each death, a Hunter’s ability to collect trophies from kills will be reduced.


Runes grant powerful abilities a Hunter can choose at the start of the game. Each one will alter how certain cards work, giving them an advantage as they travel through the Dungeon.

What's in the Box:

  • 38 Hunter Upgrade Cards
  • 12 Rune Cards
  • 17 Chalice Dungeon Cards
  • Final Boss Cards
  • Chalice Dungeon Boss Cards
  • 15 Death Tokens


Age                        14+

No. Players           3 - 5

Time                      40 - 60 mins

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