B. YouTurns

by B. Toys
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You’re in the driver’s seat now. (Okay, when weren’t you?)

  • Turn left, turn right. Steer your little car all around the B. town. You’ll really feel like you’re driving.
  • The B. Youturns Helps To Develop Your Child’S Motor Skills At A Young Age.
  • Engine and horn sounds. Vroom Vroom, uhhhh Beep Beep.
  • Shift through forward, neutral and reverse
  • LED blinkers let everyone know where you’re headed
  • Push the music button for a variety of driving songs
  • Perfect car seat toy. On the long haul, flip it over and it doubles as a pillow.
  • Put Your Kid In The Driver'S Seat With This Steering Wheel! Comes With A Gearshift Perfect For Small Hands!
  • Screen lights up for night driving.


Age                        1 - 5 years

Note                      3 AA batteries included

Dimensions           5.5" x 10"

Extra                      YouTurns Instructions included

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