B. Hellophone

by B. Toys

It’s for YOU! The play cell phone that calls you back.

  • Record messages for kids to discover
  • 3 pre-recorded messages
  • Parents can record and save personalized messages for their little ones to discover. 
  • Lots of sounds, songs, a light-up screen and even 3 pre-recorded messages. Ring, ring. Who’s there? It’s for you!
  • Looks even cooler than a 6th grader’s!
  • Helps with fine and gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • The Hellophone is perfect for little fingers. Kids will love the soft finish and the bumpy texture of the flexible antenna. Grab the cushioned strap and bring this baby phone toy for a chit-chat on the go!
  • Dr. Toy “Best Pick”


Age                        18 months - 5 years

Note                       3 AAA batteries included

Dimensions            6" x 1.25"

Extra                      Hellophone Instructions

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