Avocado Smash

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This game is creamy, high in healthy fats, and goes great with nachos. Oh wait, it’s none of those things. However, it is great fun, easy to learn and highly portable. There we go.

Be the first player to get rid of your cards in this gloriously green gin-rummy-meets-snap game. The rules are simple:
  • Take the top card from your pile and place it face up in the centre
  • The next player takes the top card from the pile and places it on top of the centre card
  • If both cards have the same number of avocados on them, it’s a smash! All players must smash their hands down in the centre. The last player to react loses the round and takes all of the cards from the centre, adding them to the bottom of their pile
  • The losing layer then begins the next round by placing their next card face up in the centre
See, we said it’s easy. Just don’t try to smear it on toast and you’ll be grand.



Age                        6+

No. Players           2+

Time                      10 mins

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