A Song of Ice and Fire - Greyjoy Starter Set

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Communities Along the Coast Fear the Kraken’s Banner

House Greyjoy is the undisputed ruler of the Iron Isles. The archipelago off the cost of Westeros is full of dangerous currents that make them treacherous to untrained sailors. But those that sail under the Kraken banner are some of the most capable around. With the war for the Iron Throne distracting the Houses on the mainland, House Greyjoy has taken the opportunity to step up their raiding along the coast. Seaside communities fear the sight of the Kraken Banner on the horizon.

The Greyjoy Starter Set is a must-have for those wanting to play the faction in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. The set contains not only a fully fieldable army for the faction, but also the Greyjoy Tactics Deck, rulebook for the game, custom faction dice, terrain, measuring sticks, and more. The Krakens iron grip is unbreakable.

Fully Playable Army

The Greyjoy Starter Set has enough troops and characters to field an army right out of the box, with different options for NPCs and Commanders.

Highly Detailed Figures

The figures in the box are made of highly detailed colored plastic. They come pre-assembled, so are ready to use right away.

A New Faction

The Greyjoys focus on looting their opponents. As the enemy starts to take casualties, the Greyjoys gain more spoils of war, only fueling their abilities further


  • 55 Miniatures
  • Unit Cards
  • 26 Tactics Card
  • Attachment Cards
  • 10 Objective Cards
  • NCU Cards
  • 12 Siege Cards
  • 24 Secret Mission Cards
  • Punchboard
  • Tactic Board
  • 36p Rulebook
  • Contents Leaflet
  • 10 D6 Dice
  • D3 Dice
  • Movement Tray


Age                        14+ years

No. Players            2+

Time                      45 - 60 mins

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