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Fun experiments that teach and engage kids

Perfect for any young scientist aged 10 and up, the 4M KidzLabs Crystal Science Kit uses three different experiments to teach how crystals precipitate out of chemical solutions to form beautiful structures. Once they're grown, kids can proudly display the Aquamarine Crystal, glow-in-the-dark Moon Crystal Cluster, and Crystal Snow Tree for friends and family to enjoy.

This kit includes necessary compounds, crystal displays, easy-to-follow instructions, and a fun fact sheet to guide kids and parents through each experiment. Some common household items and adult supervision are required.

  • This safe, fun kit teaches kids about crystals and chemical reactions
  • Grows an Aquamarine Crystal, a glow-in-the-dark Moon Crystal Cluster, and a Crystal Snow Tree
  • Requires some common household items and adult supervision


The Aquamarine will grow to approximately 30mm in diameter and 25mm in height, while the Quartz will grow to roughly 45mm in diameter and 35mm in height. The crystals on the Snow Tree will reach approximately 70mm in diameter and 80mm in height. Keep in mind that the exact size, shape and color of the crystals can vary, based on the conditions in the room at the time each experiment is conducted.



Age                        10+

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