4M KidzLabs Bubble Science

by 4M

4M KidzLabs Bubble Science

Learn about the fascinating world of science in a fun, hands-on way.

Create square bubbles, unbreakable bubbles, and much more with the 4M KidzLabs Bubble Science Kit. Through a series of experiments and fun bubble tricks, kids can learn about the fascinating science of bubble geometry. A variety of bubble frames are provided to create bubbles of different shapes and sizes, plus recipes to create special, high-quality bubble mixtures.

  • Detailed instructions included.
  • Conduct amazing bubble experiments using everyday materials
  • Required for some activities but not included in kit are plain paper, sticky tape, scissors, poster paints, a jar or container, measuring jar, extra bubble solution (recipe included in instructions)
  • Recommended for 8 years and up.

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