3Doodler EDU Create+ Learning Packs


Get The Create+ Learning Pack For Your Classroom

The 3Doodler Create+ has proven to be a versatile and engaging tool for students ages 14+, of all skill levels. Choose the 12 pen or 6 pen pack depending on your classroom size and needs.

  • Accessible 'Open-and-Go' Classroom Learning: Designed with teachers for 8th-12th grade classrooms. Ready to use out of the box with no complicated software or steep learning curve.
  • All-in-One Kit: Designed to easily integrate hands-on 3D creation and tactile learning into your classroom for less than the cost of a 3D printer.
  • Perfect for STEM, PBL or CTE! Ideal for curriculums that include STEM, PBL or CTE.
  • Equitable and Inclusive: Perfect for fun, equitable and inclusive learning.

Teacher's Kit

JetPack® x1
Teacher's Checklist x1
Welcome Sheet x1
Cheatsheet x1
3Doodler Poster x1
Activity Guide x1
Troubleshooting Guide x1
Create+ Manual x1
EDU Booklet x1
Lesson Plans x2
Nozzle Removal Tool x2
Mini Screwdrivers x2
Unblocking Tools x2


Students' Kit

Includes: 6-Pens 12-Pens
3Doodler Create+ Pens x6 x12
DoodlePads™ x6 x12
Nozzle Sets x2 x4
Adapters x6 x12


Plastics Kit

Includes: 6-Pens 12-Pens
ABS Plastic Strands x200 x500
PLA Plastic Strands x200 x500
FLEXY™ Plastic Strands x200 x200


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