Waboba Extreme

by Waboba

The Waboba Extreme water ball will be this summer's hottest water game for the beach, pool, lake or pond. Seriously, throwing a tennis ball or a Frisbee while standing in water isn't all that fun. So why not invent something that bounces on water, like a skipping stone that you can catch? And if that is possible, why not invent a game that is fun and challenging but can be played with just the ball, no goals, nothing extra - just the ball? The Waboba Extreme water ball is the answer to those questions.

The Waboba Ball is made of polymere gel and has a elastan coating. The mix of different gels makes the ball bounce and float on water.

  • Patented 3-layer design
  • Bounces on water - fast and far
  • Best for lake and ocean play
  • Ages 8+
  • Size: 56mm / 2.2 in

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