Queen of the Hill

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The extremely addicting and fun thing about games that push your luck is that one moment where you tell yourself this is the last card you will be taking… then you survive and you change your mind that you will be drawing just one more… and you still survive! And you promise that this next one would really be your last – and you survive yet again! Nothing beats that moment of suspense as you push your luck to the extreme, only to be rewarded by glorious victory for your bravery.

In the light and casual game Queen of the Hill, players are queens vying for control of a celestial hill. Taking turns, they attempt to Summon, Draft and Recruit the strongest female warriors from different worlds and eras to join their army. However, this is a very dangerous act, and they cannot always control what they Summon. At the end of every round, players compare their total warrior scores Drafted and the highest score wrests control of the hill. Control the hill twice and a player wins the game! Watch out though, the Dark One (also the only male in the game) might accidentally be Summoned and he will prey upon all the ladies. If you push your luck too hard, you might end up drawing him, and he will clear all your points and force you to end your recruitment. How lucky are you feeling today? How far do you dare to push your luck? The more you push your luck without drawing the Dark One, the more likely the next opponent will attract him. And the more you push your luck, the more your foes are forced to push theirs if they are to beat you! The pressure is ON!

Play special abilities, sabotage other players' turns and store items to help you pave your way to the top of the Hill.



Age                        10+

No. Players           2-6

Time                      10-15 mins


This game is the same exact set as Little Monsters, but features a completely different theme. If you already own Little Monsters, you should only purchase this set if you just want to complete your collection or if you have different gaming groups that cater to different themes.

Download the Play Mat for free: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8yxzvfrnaax4nae/Playmat%20QOTH.pdf?dl=0

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