Mint Control - The Minty Fresh Area Control Game

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Due to the success of his Mint making empire in Mintopia City, Mort’s efforts (and market share) have come under attack! Four new mint making companies have noticed the profit potential of Mintopia City and have moved in, in an attempt to dominate the market and make all of the money. Players will take the role of one of four mint making companies and assert their influence over various locations in Mintopia City to secure their loyalties and earn the market share.

Mint Control is designed to provide a small footprint introduction experience to the Area Control and Action Selection genres of gaming that is fun and rewarding for new and seasoned gamers alike.

Set Up

  • Shuffle the Location Cards, and randomly add Locations to the game area until there are at least 5 Influence Token spaces per player.
                                (10 for 2 players, 15 for 3 players and 20 for 4 players.)
  • Put the remaining Location cards to the side, they will not be used in this game. Place the 5 Action tiles near the Location cards, this is the Selection Pool.
  • Place the Mint Tokens near the Location Cards. This forms the Mint Supply, each player then takes 2 Mints from the Supply as their starting currency.
  • Each player selects a color and takes the 5 Influence Tokens for that color.
  • The player with the freshest breath starts the game with the Starting Player Token.


  • Each round, the starting player will select one of the available Action tiles and place it in front of them. They will then perform that Action, followed by the Perk in its entirety.
  • Then in clockwise order around the table, each other player will perform that same Action (but not the perk) until each player has had the option to perform the Action if able.
  • After every player has had the option to perform the action chosen by the starting player, the next player in clockwise order will choose one of the remaining available Action Tiles. This process continues until each player has selected one Action tile.
  • After the final Action has been fully processed, if there are not enough remaining Action tiles for each player to choose from the remaining cards, return all of the chosen Action tiles to the selection pool, so that all Action tiles are available in the next round.
  • Finally, the Starting Player token passes to the next player in clockwise order, and a new round begins.

Action Tiles

When an action is selected by a player, that player performs both the Action and Perk. Then clockwise around the table each other player performs only the Action.


The Influence Action allows players to pay Mints to add an Influence Token to an open Influence space. The Perk for selecting this Action reduces the cost to Influence a Location by 1, to a minimum of 0.


The Earn Action gives players Mints to spend on future turns. The Perk for selecting this Action is to gain an additional Mint.


The Presence Action grants each player the Presence bonus for each Location where they have Influence. The Perk for this Action is gain the eviction bonus from a Location that the player controls.


The Oust Action gains each player one Mint, similar to Earn. However, the perk for Oust is to spend 1 Mint to remove any 1 Influence Token from a Location. Then an additional 3 Mints can be spent to remove a second Influence token from a Location. The second token has no additional restrictions, it can be on the same or a different Location, and the same or a different player.


The Scavenge Action does not provide an Action for all players, only the player that selected it. That player can choose to gain 1 Mint from the Supply, or steal 1 Mint from another player.

Win/Lose Conditions 

The game ends at the end of the Action in which at least one player has all 5 of their influence tokens on Locations.

Players gain points for each Location they control. The player with the most points, wins!

In the event of a tie, the player with the most Mints left over wins.

Then, the tied player that has the most Influence placed on locations wins.

Then, the tied player whose age is closest to 42 wins.


Age                        13+

No. Players           1 - 4

Time                      30 mins

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