Leather & Wood Backgammon

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  • A classic blend of tradition and contemporary design
  • Solid and durable Walnut wooden board
  • Perfect addition to your rustic interiors
  • Beginner level, all ages friendly

Watch the dice roll on our smooth backgammon surface

A contemporary twist on a historically timeless popular board game. Maztermind’s Leather & Wood Backgammon is crafted from the finest materials, using local Vietnamese handcrafting techniques that have been preserved for ages. Leather & Wood Backgammon highlights an incredible sense of beauty and durability.


Traditionally handcrafted with love

  • 12 local artisans.
  • 16 working hours.
  • 24 processing steps.
The creation of a custom board involves an essential step of treating the surface of the board and the glued waxy leather on it, adding a smooth touch to the playing experience. Other steps include sanding wood surfaces and sewing thread lacing meticulously carried out by our experts. Double-sided leather-coated bronze chess pieces create a feeling of firmness and smoothness in the hand, delivering a masterpiece expressing both the excellence of craftsmanship and the aesthetic.

Roll the dice on elevating your space

Designed in walnut wood accentuated with waxy leather, Maztermind has carefully crafted this Backgammon set that would seemingly complement your living space, accentuating the class and beauty of your style. The mix of burnt orange and olive green hues on the texture also adds a dash of modern and calming color palette to your home decor.


Gamesmanship and bonding

Playing connects us all. And board games are more than an easy way to pass time among friends. A friendly game of backgammon can strengthen your bond with your friends and family while you share stories, experiences, and memories.

Waxed leather, brass, walnut wood, resin
Dimension: 188 x 290 x 50 mm
Weight: 1.8 kg
Components: 1 board, 1 doubling cube, 2 dice shakers, 4 dice, 30 playing pieces

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