Green Lettuce Plant Pods

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Grow fresh Lettuce in your indoor herb garden!

Lettuce is a leaf vegetable that is a rich source of Vitamin A and Vitamin K. Additionally, lettuce has anti-inflammatory properties, lowers cholesterol levels, helps control anxiety and has many antioxidant properties.

Click & Grow lettuce is proven to have 3x higher antioxidant levels than fresh lettuce produced in hydroponics and 2x higher than bagged lettuce you get from the supermarket shelves. So, growing lettuce in your indoor herb garden is one healthy choice!

Click & Grow Lettuce benefits:

  • Lettuce is a great source of vitamins and antioxidants
  • Growing lettuce is 100% hassle-free in your Click & Grow indoor herb garden
  • You'll get a garden-to-plate experience from your own kitchen
  • Use lettuce in any recipe from salads to sandwiches!

Plant Care:

Lactuca sativaEdible plant.

Sprouts in: 7 - 14 days

Harvest in: 5 - 6 weeks

Grows best at: 18°C – 24°C

  • Please note that Green Lettuce is heat sensitive and best grown at 64 to 72 °F (18 to 22°C). If the temperature is higher than 75°F (24°C) then germination is inhibited. Also, plants tend to bolt at high temperatures, which in turn may cause the flavour to become bitter.
  • Right after sprouting Green Lettuce may appear to be growing slowly, but once it has germinated its growth will soon accelerate. No need to thin the seedlings, just let them thrive!
  • Lettuce grows best if the lamp has just one arm! If the lamp is set too low it may burn your thriving plants. If the lamp is set too high your plants will grow leggy and produce less yield.
  • We recommend harvesting the whole pod at once, approximately five weeks after planting.
  • You may also harvest gradually, starting approximately three weeks after planting by picking off the larger outer leaves first. Cut off single leaves gradually by moving towards the heart of the plant until the pod has been growing a maximum of five to six weeks.
  • It is an annual plant and has the best nutritional value five weeks after the pod has been planted. Start using lettuce leaves before the plant ages and loses its signature flavor.

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