Bon Voyage

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Sail the oceans, trust to luck or use your wisdom. The Captain decides how many crew must work today for safe passage. Bon Voyage!

In the 16th Century, it's the Age of Discovery. You are the Captain of a carrack, crossing the seas in a fleet to reach far flung ports. But technology for safe navigation and forecasting the weather is also far off. So the ships often wander into big storms or meet rapacious pirates.Your crew grows tired and cannot work well. Will you cross the sea safely?

Each player takes at first ten Crew chips. These are powerful sailors and each player decides what number will work today by placing Crew chips in their fists, and then opening them at the same time. Then an Event card is drawn, and the effect is applied to all players. This means, if many sailors are working, meeting pirates does not tire them. But for the same number of crew, intense heat will exhaust them. Some of the exhausted sailors are discarded, indicated by the number on the Event card. The game continues in this way.

Let's wish you Bon Voyage!



Age                        8+

No. Players           2-6

Time                      10 mins

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