Animal Kingdom Playing Cards

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  • Sharp woodcut technique with strong contrast colors
  • Realistic depiction of the wild
  • Made with strongly long-lasting plastic material


Magic of the wild

Demonstrating the distinctive beauty of the most powerful animals in nature, the Animal Kingdom playing cards welcome you into the wild. A set of 52 cards featuring 16 dominant beasts, emphasizing the infinite courage, strength, and energy of these beasts in our inner-self. Let your wild and fierce side awaiting to be unleashed.


The expert realistic art

The underlying inspiration of these artworks from dark woodcut technique, expresses a fierce yet mystic vibe. Meticulously produced with plastic material alongside a matte finish, Animal Kingdom deck of cards offers a smooth shuffle and wrinkle-free experience. The contrast of dark vs bright sides by mirror style with a splash of selected colours will be absolutely eye-catching.


Unleash your wild side

Wake up every sense, reflect your “wide side” through the beauty of wild species. Connect your true traits with animal images: Are you a fierce lion, a beautiful jaguar or a wise owl? Be any animal true to yourself



Art paper box; Plastic Card (52 cards)


+ BOX: Black fancy paper, uncoat; Silver foil; Embossed text on the box

+ CARD: 0.32mm PVC matte varnish

Dimensions: 65 x 20 x 90 mm

Weight: 146g

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