INOKIM is a company of humble origins that started with a desire to make transport between 2 locations efficient and with minimal carbon footprint. Since its first release in 2011, their electric scooters have been reputed to be both lightweight and portable, making travelling fun and environmentally friendly. They have also since become a trusted brand by many.

TOYTAG carries a range of INOKIM’s scooters that can go as fast as 25km/hr and only needs a short 5 to 6 hours of charging to reach full capacity. As the scooter can weigh as light as 8.5kg, it is able to run up to 35km on a single charge and allows users to transport it easily. This enables users to minimise their carbon footprints while still getting them to their destinations conveniently. To ensure safety, these scooters are equipped with powerful brakes and bright brake lights. 

Restore freedom in your urban setting and do your part for the environment today. Visit our TOYTAG store or make your order online now!

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