Zycom Zinger Kids Scooter - Pink Range

by Zycom
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The Zycom Zinger is a great fun scooter specifically designed for kids 5 years & up. With its unique self righting steering mechanism, wide footplate and height adjustable bar, the Zinger is a great cruiser!

Product Features:


Unique Pivot Steering

The Zinger features a pivoting steering mechanism with self righting technology making it both easy to ride and great fun to lean and carve through the turns.The stable 3 wheel platform makes it easy to ride.

3 Stage Height Adjustable

The Zycom Zinger handlebars can be adjusted to grow with your child.The easy twist lock bar gives you 3 different height settings to suit kids 5 years and over. Large bar end flanges on the grips keep hands securely in place while providing a comfortable contact point.




Easy Fold System

The Zinger handlebar is a cinch to fold down, no tools required!Once folded the Zinger becomes very compact and easily stored or transported.



Wide PU Wheelsand Large Deck Surface

The Zycom Zinger is fitted with wide durableand smooth rolling PU Wheels with Nylon Cores.The wide deck provides ample room for foot placement and optimal balance. The low center of gravity of the Zinger makes it easy and fun to ride.




The Zycomotion Zinger is specifically designed for children 5 years and over.


Length: 61.5CM (24.2 INCHES)
Height: 87CM (34.2 INCHES)
Width: 28.5CM (11.2 INCHES)
Max Weight:
80KGS (176LBS)

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