The Tinkerer's Guide to the micro:bit Galaxy


The micro:bit micro-controller has opened up a whole new world of physical computing to everyone. It is the best way to learn how to build interactive projects with a wide range of sensors and actuators. But how would you learn to use the micro:bit? Well, you are in luck, because we wrote a book to get you started. Get ready to make and code amazing projects that light up, make noise, move, and talk (via radio).

The book is organised into the following chapters:

  • 01 - Hello World
  • 02 - Getting Started
  • 03 - All On Board
  • 04 - Keep Track With Variables
  • 05 - Connecting Things, Making Noises
  • 06 - External Outputs
  • 07 - External Inputs
  • 08 - Lights, Loops, and Lists: Using the Neopixel/WS2812B light strip, and loops and lists coding constructs
  • 09 - Moving Things: Using continuous servo motor, stepper motors and DC motors
  • 10 - Things Talking: Using the radio module and going online with the IoT:bit
  • 11 - Controlling Things: Using relays and transistors
  • 12 - Recap
  • Appendix A - Exploring Coding Platforms
  • Appendix B - Exploring Hardware Platforms

Buy the book together with our Tinker Kit. The kit contains the majority of the components you would need to complete the activities and projects in the first 7 chapters (It's just missing crocodile clips, copper tape and a loose passive buzzer).

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