Square Off Pro - World's First Rollable e-Chessboard

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Play chess on the go with the world's first ever rollable tournament size e-chessboard with intricately crafted chess pieces. This interactive board is ideal for every passionate chess player.


Unlike any other.

Adaptive AI

The board comes with an intelligent AI that quickly adjusts to your level of expertise.

Rollable & Portable

Carry this light and completely rollable e-chessboard anywhere you like, from a park bench to your chess class.

Tournament Size

Train like a pro on this professional chess board with intricately designed chess pieces.

Interactive embedded lights 

Lights that guide you through your moves and warn against errors. Integrated with the built-in coach for an enhanced experience.

No Press Movement

Magnetic sensors on the board detect the pieces accurately so you no longer need to press a piece to register its move.

Globally Connected

Play with friends or challenge over 50Mn players on Chess.com & Lichess via Square Off App and compete with them on the Pro board.

Analyse your game

Work on your past moves and enhance your gaming skills on the app connected via bluetooth chess board


Participate in the fierce league tournaments & climb up to the finale as you win rewards

There’s so much to the app & more!

  • Play against the most powerful chess engine- Stockfish 14
  • Play custom positions with the AI
  • Get friendly hints, warnings against threats with boosters

What's inside the box

  • Chessboard
  • Chess Pieces 
  • USB-C Cord 
  • Mobile Stand
  • Manual 


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