SAY WHAT? Learn Korean Playing Cards

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안녕하세요 "An-nyeong-has-se-yo" or Hello in Korean!

Love Korean culture, K Pop, K Beauty, Korean delicious food and would love to visit Korea soon?How about getting yourself a deck of Say What? Korean for yourself and have some fun while learning the language?

Illustration is illustrated by the talented André Wee and collaborated with the amazing Korean language teacher - Hyeong Jae Lee.

High quality deck of 52 Korean playing cards. Includes 25 Verb Cards (Blue Cards) and 25 Noun Cards (Red Cards), with 4 other cards on Gameplay, About, Audio Clips and bio of the 2 amazing person worked with us on this fun game.

Beautifully illustrated and guaranteed endless entertainment for friends and family. Now you can be the Master of Korean language.

Audio voice clips to help you further with the pronunciation.


Age                        18+ years

No. Players           4 - 16+ 

Time                      30 - 90 mins

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