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Makeblock Codey Rocky

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Meet Codey Rocky, your new coding companion

Codey Rocky is an entry-level coding robot for STEM education, suitable for children ages 6 and up. The combination of easy-to-use robotics hardware with graphical programming gives all children the opportunity to take their first steps into the world of code and compose their first “Hello World!” statement at the same time as they explore their creativity.

Two robots in one

Codey is the detachable controller that holds all the magic. It includes more than 10 electronic modules that can be controlled via code.

Rocky is the car that lets you take Codey anywhere you want, so that your clever programs can be run everywhere.

Make your games interactive

Codey comes with a built-in 6-axis gyroscope so that you can control the games you code by moving or tilting your controller, and see the game respond to your actions.

What you will learn:

Beginner & Advanced Coding

Create your first program by dragging and dropping code blocks and gradually gain more advanced skills, and transition into Python programming.

Logical Thinking

Logic is the foundation of coding. Learn how to go from idea to working program by writing code that makes sense in practice.

Creative Expression

Code is the easiest way to make something, and Codey Rocky makes it even more fun and creative. Make your ideas real in mBlock 5 and see your coding companion run your code.

AI and IoT Principles

From voice recognition to infrared TV controls, Codey Rocky users gain first familiarity with Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things.


Easy to Start 

Makeblock’s mBlock 5 programming software is based on MIT’s graphical programming language Scratch 3.0 to guarantee that beginners can get started coding within minutes. All you need to do is drag and drop!

Available on various platform

Regardless if you prefer to program on MacBook, Chromebook or desktop PC, mBlock 5 is ready for you to get started with code.

Switch to Python    

With just one click you can turn your graphical code into Python code and continue learning an advanced and practical language.

Connect to the Internet of Things

Use mBlock 5 to add Internet of Things-functionality to Codey Rocky. Control home appliances, get weather reports, and much more!

Get to know AI

mBlock 5 software supports AI-functionality including voice and face recognition, and mood sensing etc. With Codey Rocky, children have the most fun and easiest way of getting familiar with one of the fundamental technologies of the 21st century.

10+ advanced electronic modules

With more than 10 programmable electronic modules, Codey Rocky can be programmed to perform a wide range of fun effects and functions.

Expressive LED display

Code to customize expression, to see time, weather, and other personal

messages shown on Codey’s large LED display, and bring your coding companion to life.

Hardware compatibility 

Codey Rocky is designed to be compatible with make block Neuron and LEGO bricks,to let you realise any idea you can come up with. Pogo Pin on both codey and rocky for connection with makeblock Neuron. 

Wireless upload

The optional Bluetooth dongle lets you upload code to your robot companion wirelessly to computer so that you can rapidly try out your code ideas. Please mind that must use our bluetooth dongle for wireless upload to computer, without it you can also use USB cable for wired upload, and for connection with tablets you can use tablet's bluetooth directly.



Age                        6+

Note                      1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Programmable Modules:

Codey: LED Display, Speaker, RGB LED Indicator, Buttons, Gear Knob, Voice Sensor, Light Sensor, 6-axis Gyroscope and Accelerometer, Infrared Receiver, Infrared Receiver

Rocky: Color Infrared Sensor, DC Geared Motor


Main Control Board/ Chip         ESP32 Chip

Connectivity                              Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / USB

Power Supply                            950mAh lithium battery

Dimensions                               102*95.4*103mm(L*W*H)

Weight                                        290.5g

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