Mabot A - STEM Building & Coding Robot for Kids [Starter Kit]

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3 in 1 Building & Coding Robots for Kids

Official building: 3 forms (Start Robot + Self-balance + Tracker )

The Bellrobot Mabot Modular Robot Starter Kit is one of the best AI STEAM toys to let kids build, customize, and program robots, exploring mechanics, engineering, coding, and developing STEAM skills. Mabot integrates complex functions into quality ball modules, so kids can just simply plug and play!

Each Mabot kit is an incredible robotic system that allows kids to use modular components to create robots and unique functions such as moving, sensing the surroundings.

Once assembled, kids can use Mabot Go, an easy-to-use app to bring the robots to life and play whatever games they want! The Mabot IDE app, designed on Scratch, will walk kids through coding basics, allowing them to progress as they master modules.

Mabot ball modules allow kids to combine in different ways and build numerous varying creations, while Mabot Go and Mabot IDE apps inspire kids to create their own inventions with imagination.

    What's Included

    • 1x Control Ball
    • 1x Drive Ball
    • 1x Battery Ball
    • 1x Color Sensing Ball
    • 2x 6-Port Connection Ball
    • Other Accessories: Small Connector, Structual Connector, Wheel Plug, Lego Adapter A, Lego Adapter B, Connection Ball Accessory 001, USB Cable, Disassembly Tool
    • 1x Tracking Map
    • 1x Starter Robot Quick Guide
    • 1x Mabot Encyclopedia


    Age                        6+

    Note                      Compatible with Lego

    Control distance   5 meters

    Control                  Bluetooth 4.0+

    Battery                  7.4V 760mAh Li-Po battery (Included)

    Material                Electronic component + ABS plastic


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