Chillafish Fixie Balance Bike


ride it ! steer it ! brake it !

Fixed-gear styled balance bike with integrated footrest & footbrake ! Fixie draws attention on the road with the look & feel of a fixed-gear bicycle – appealing in its simplicity.

A foot brake for fun skidding, do you dare to go sideways ?! No worries, Fixie has non-marking wheels … of course !
The drop bar looks super-duper racy, especially designed for kids with a sportive driving style. There are 2 different hand positions, you can either hold your hands on the hoods or - for the real confident rider - on the tops.
Steel frame – for both indoor & outdoor robustness and comfort.
Once your child can balance, steer, turn and brake, he or she will be ready to pedal anytime now !

Retro-styled racebikes in the city, influencers on their custom made bikes with fixed gears & race handlebars. How cool would that be for your kid?! Add to that some fun skidding features and braking fun… and Fixie was born ! This little bike is designed like a real racestyle balance bike for real cycling [or 'hype' ;-)] enthusiasts.

  • Integrated footrest & foot brake for fun skidding
  • Fixed-gear styled balance bike
  • Adjustable drop bar with a racy look
  • High-quality steel frame
  • Adjustable seat with quick release from 32 cm to 40 cm [12.6 in to 15.8 in]
  • Airless RubberSkin Tires: no pump, great grip & non-marking
  • Carry-friendly weight and ergonomics
  • Age: 2-5 years

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