Chillafish - Bobbi Helmet


it's cool to be the safe kid

Chill multi-sport helmet for complete head protection !

Bobbi fits nice & snug, so it stays on in case your toddler or something else hits his or her head. The adjustable & integrated chinstrap & strap sliders keep the helmet squarely on your child’s head. This multi-sport skater style helmet offers more coverage, is triple certified and achieves a perfect fit thanks to the different sweat absorbing & machine washable pads of varying thickness, with Velcro tabs. Bobbi has extreme airflow & breathability to noticeably increase the cooling effect inside the helmet. ALL-IN-ONE - warmer inner pads & wooly earpads are added in the box for when the family puts on their skis. It’s even compatible with your little one’s goggles, Bobbi’s open earpads are designed in such a way they give optimized protection, but your little one can still hear everything. That’s if they wánt to hear you ;-)

  • Multi-sport helmet to bike, ride, skate & ski
  • Size small
  • Head Circumference 51 – 55cm
  • Helmet goggle retainer included
  • Complete head protection
  • 2 pad sets of various thickness to achieve best fit
  • Extra set of winter pads to keep you warm
  • Extreme airflow
  • ABS hard-shell helmet
  • Chinstrap & strap sliders
  • Ponytail hair ports
  • Triple certified

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