Babel Pico Strategy Game

by Cuboro
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Out-build your opponent in this wooden strategy game, as you take turns adding to the four-cube base. The trick? Make sure the points on the pieces don’t face outwards. Each piece has a smooth matte finish, made from a sustainable wood and composite material called Fasal. The pieces, and the entertainment factor, will stand the test of time!

Babel Pico is a contest to build a structure with a four-cube base, taking turns against the competition. The hard part is that your move can’t leave any pointed surface facing outwards. Tricky Ways is a marble run-making challenge—where you design the longest unobstructed path for a marble, moving only three pieces per turn. 

Each wooden strategy game by Cuboro engages your imagination and spatial thinking skills—but all you notice is having fun battling your opponent. And the pieces are all sustainably made with an heirloom-quality matte finish. 

The games are made in Austria from sustainability harvested composite and surplus wood called Fasal—easily mistaken for coffee table decoration. They almost look like tiny museum sculptures. 

Maker Matthias Etter started creating custom games and puzzles after working with special needs children. Etter wanted to encourage learning as well as make the different pieces easy to grip and place. 

Cuboro’s timeless design is bound to have your family strategising and scheming for generations.

  • Includes 24 game pieces and instructions
  • Materials: Fasal composite material: 80% wood, 20% polypropylene
  • Made in Austria


Age                        6+

No. Players          

Time                     10 - 15 mins

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