7 Wonders (Second Edition): Cities

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“This city is what it is because our people are what they are.” (Plato)

In the shadowy alleys of your city, gold changes hands, alliances are formed, and secrets are betrayed... Now your influence stretches into the heart of rival cities. But be wary, their spies are scheming within your walls! 

New interactions 

In addition to two never before seen Wonders and the possibility of playing in teams, this expansion offers a new type of card: Cities. Mercenaries, thieves, spies, and diplomats will bring a new type of interaction to your games.

Cities Cards

Black cards are a new category of Building. They are added to the Age cards from the base game.


Byzantium and Petra have new effects tied to Cities.

Debts and Diplomacy

Debt lets you avoid paying your neighbors, but makes you lose victory points at the end of the game. Diplomacy lets you resist certain conflicts.

Cities is also:

  • Very simple to add to your games.
  • An option for playing in 2 teams (for 4- and 6-player games).
  • 42 cards in a new type that adds interaction between all players across all three Ages.
  • A way to add even more replayability to 7 Wonders.
  • Compatible with all other 7 Wonders expansions (new edition).

Note: 7 Wonders (Second Edition) set Required. Isn't compatible with the first Edition of 7 Wonders. 


Age                        10+

No. Players           3 - 7

Time                      40 mins


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