Chillafish BMXie Balance Bike



The Chillafish BMXie is injection molded bike that is made of a strong fiberglass reinforced composite material. This means the frame is more resilient to damage when compared to a steel frame and it is lightweight! 

BMXie is in a class by itself: a BMX-styled bicycle frame with oversized tubing. Superior design elements include a seat which adjusts without tools and a removable footrest. Graphics are silkscreen printed for extra long lifetime. High end features at a very affordable price! A detachable front number plate with various stickers is also included.

  • Seat adjustable without tools (height from 32cm to 39cm)
  • Front number plate detachable
  • Includes decal set for cool customization
  • Foot support detachable and can be stowed away
  • Inflatable rubber tires
  • carry-friendly weight and ergonomics
  • high-quality fiberglass-reinforced material
  • age : 2-5 years

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