Zombicide: Toxic Crowd - Set #2


The toxic plague spreads! This box contains additional toxic zombies for the Zombicideboard game: Toxic Fatties, Toxic Runners, and Toxic Walkers to roam the city mall’s alleys and shops. The threat is growing, especially if these monsters replace standard zombies thanks to the Toxic Abomination in the Toxic City Mallexpansion!

This box also contains two exclusives Toxic Walkers and one exclusive Toxic Fatty to complete your zombie collection.

Download Toxic City Mall rulebook to find toxic zombies rules.

Box contents

  • 12 Toxic Walkers
  • 6 Toxic Runners
  • 3 Toxic Fatties
  • 2 exclusive Toxic Walkers
  • 1 exclusive Toxic Fatty
  • 6 Zombie cards

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