Web Development for Beginners

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Build and host your very own website

You may learn how to beautify a website – but do you know how to deploy it? Our web development program is adapted from what we teach professionals. Learn JavaScript and Node.js to build your website in the latest technologies!

This hands-on workshop aims to equip beginners with web development skills and knowledge by coding a website from scratch. Using HTML for scaffolding, CSS for design and basic JavaScript for DOM manipulation, one can expect to have a fully functional profile site at the end of the workshop.

Introduction To The Web
  • How Web Browsers work
  • Files the browser is looking for
  • Sites rendering differently on different browsers (Apple vs Google vs Mozilla, Browser wars)
Part 1: HTML
  • HTML structure tags (html, head, body)
  • Text tags (h1, h2, p, i, bold, strong, span)
  • Exercise: Personal Landing Page
  • Image, link and header tags
  • Anchor links for single page websites
  • Other misc elements (hr, br)
Part 2: CSS
  • Fundamentals of CSS
  • ID vs Class (Pros & Cons)
  • Exercise: ID vs Class Behaviors
  • Flexbox basics for grid structure
  • Exercise: Responsive Page methods
  • Margins & Paddings
  • Alignment
  • Flexbox Children
  • Important CSS Attributes
  • Debugging CSS, caniuse.com
  • Chrome DevTools
  • Import Google fonts
Part 3: JavaScript with Vue.JS
  • JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks
  • Variables, Functions, Modules
  • Debugging using console
  • Script loading behaviors
  • Exercise: Reactive Currency Calculator
  • Create a form with reactive inputs
  • Exercise: Using CSS Frameworks to build your app
  • Using Vue from CDN or Install
  • Fetching and using data in your app
Deployment: Go live with your web app
  • Deployment options - Now, Surge and Heroku, Github Pages
  • Get a shareable link from JSBin
  • Export & use surge to host as custom domain
What You'll Learn
  • Understand how websites work in the browser
  • Learn to code a website from scratch
  • Learn to deploy a portfolio website live
  • Build fully functional static websites without boilerplates
  • Learn important web fundamentals that enable good user experiences

Who Should Take This Course

  • All are welcome, including JC, Poly Students and NSFs.
  • Working Professionals looking to switch to the IT industry.
  • Software developers looking to learn new & modern technologies.
  • Professionals looking to utilize Web Development skills in their jobs
  • Start-up entrepreneurs looking to code for their businesses


  • Able to use computers / laptops
  • Age 10+


Full Course           2 Sessions

Dates                    3 & 4 June 2019

                             17 & 18 June 2019

Duration               3 hrs per session

Time                     16:00 - 19:00  

Fee                       $200 / pax

Class Size            12/24 MAX

Venue                   Port Education Lab, APEX@ Henderson #07-25


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