Potato Pirates Coding Card Game

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A paradigm shift in the learning landscape has led to a rise in the popularity of computer skills. Programming, in particular, has been steadily becoming an essential skill that many have taken a vested interest in picking up. However, when it comes to learning, nobody enjoys being forced.

Potato Pirates was thus created by Gamewright Games as an enjoyable and social alternative to learn how to code. Incorporating 3 unrelated subjects of potatoes, piracy and programming, this epic card game allows players to learn all the basic programming concepts with 30 minutes of game play. The best part is – it keeps everyone away from their computers!

Conceived by teachers, the concepts covered in the game include:

  • Variables
  • Functions
  • White loops
  • Nested loops
  • If-else conditionals
  • Algorithms and sequential logic
  • Interrupts and control flow
  • Common programming bugs


Each player starts with

  • 2 ship cards
  • 5 playing cards
  • 10 potato crew for each of your ships

Potato Pirates Coding Card Game - 4-player Layout(1 big potato = 5 small potatoes)




Collect all 7 Potato King cards before anyone can or as many as you can before the deck runs out!

Potato Pirates Coding Card Game - Potato King CardsPotato Pirates is a card game that brings tons of fun to social gatherings. Its effortless setup allows you to save yourself from the hassle of software installations or setting up a laptop just to learn programming.

This also means that you can bid goodbye to your electronic devices and truly bond with your family and friends while attempting to save the Potato King!

On top of that, teachers can use the game to gamify lessons while fostering interaction among students. This will help maintain their interest in programming and keep them engaged through this enriching and educational classroom programming activity.

It is definitely the perfect coding game for learning in classrooms or having fun during a party!

Watch the full playlist on How to Play HERE.

Potato Pirates Coding Game - As Featured On


Age                        6+

No. Players           3-6

Time                      20-40 mins

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