In Jishaku, players take turns placing hematite magnets onto a foam playing field in one of three different games, trying either to prevent the magnets from attaching to one another or to encourage them to connect.

  • STRATEGIC: The game of Magnetic Action, Jishaku combines both strategy and magnetic force. Jishaku, Japanese for magnet, uses finely polished hematite magnets for playing pieces.
  • GOAL: Place magnets onto the base without letting any magnets connect. If any magnets connect on your turn, you must collect those magnets and add them to your pile. Run out of magnets first to win.
  • DOUBLE TROUBLE: All magnets have north and south poles. Jishaku magnets do too. They just aren't marked. So as you carefully place your magnet you can feel the tug of magnets all around the board.
  • BREAK THE RECORD: The record for the most connecting magnets on a turn is twelve and in "I'm out" that’s not a good thing. Can strategy really overpower magnetic force?


What's in the Box

  • 18 polished magnetic stones
  • Soft drawstring bag (for stones)
  • 9” x 6” durable game board with a foam center
  • Instructions


Age                        8+

No. Players           2

Time                      10 mins


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