Cubico Kids' Coding, Play and Learning Kit

by Cubico
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What is Cubico?

Cubico is an online & offline creative convergence coding system for the 21st century “digital native kids’.

It’s for young children – learning the basic concepts of coding in an easy and fun way through “play’

Designed to teach kids from 4 years old how to code, Cubico uses an interactive AR platform together with fun stories to help kids understand coding easily.

Cubico Coding

Cubico is a program designed for kids to touch and play to naturally learn how to code and mod. To help cute characters reach a destination, kids use coding blocks to give commands and visually confirm the codes, understanding the concept and mechanism of coding.


Vivid Fun Experience through Hands-on AR
Play that helps young children learn coding naturally while playing with Interactive AR breaking out of the typical programming


Interactive Learning & Playing with Fun Stories Featuring IoT System
Touch and play around with stage board and character figures full of amazing stories, and check the coding result in an animation on a device connected to the module.


Coding Education System only for young children
CUBICO proved customized coding education for young children through collaboration of coding experts and early childhood education experts.


Differentiators of Cubico’s coding education system 

Instead of typical programming lessons, the program’s interactive augmented reality platform offers a fun way to learn to code.

Improving engagement by interacting with the characters through storytelling, interaction and character customising.

Kids quickly learn coding terminologies and concepts by singing along coding songs with four characters

You can connect modules with various functions by moving the character using Cubico coding blocks. Turn on the lights, make a sound and move the machine!


Age                        4+


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