Compact Chinese Chess

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  • Each chess set is handcrafted by 12 craftsmen in 18 hours
  • Made from sustainable materials with walnut wood
  • Heavy and sturdy bronze playing pieces
  • A meaningful gift embodied with spiritual values


King of games

Inspired from the style of an original antique Chinese chess board from the mid-19th century, Maztermind Compact Chinese Chess is the artistry, combining materials and meticulous handcraft of experienced artisans. Covered in rich walnut wood and chess pieces in brass with PU leather, this Chinese Chess is meticulously crafted for your visual taste and playing comfort.
Proudly crafted in Vietnam.


The grandmasters behind Maztermind’s craftsmanship

  • 12 artisans.
  • 20 working hours.
  • 15 crafting steps.
This is what it takes to create our vision into a work of art. High-quality materials are curated to craft a Maztermind Compact Chinese Chess dripping with artistry and originality, From the crucial processing steps of sanding the edges and treating the texture of walnut wood to create a complete smoothness, the final product is a work of art that stands the test of time. The highlight of the game set is the playing pieces accented with bronze, making a strong satisfying sound during play.

Eastern traditions made with timeless materials

Chinese Chess has long been a popular board game in the East, a delicate delight acquired every late afternoon, thanks to its flexible and transformational gameplay. Maztermind has given walnut wood chess a new design based on its classic features, flecked with its delicate beauty. Combining 32 pure brass playing pieces with hardness and anti-corrosion, the game emphasizes the unique characteristics of materials.

Game of reunion

Feel free to enjoy your leisure time and enrich your travel time with this entertaining game in a durable and compact design. Playing Chinese chess can help to relieve tiredness and stress, increase concentration and imagination for kids. It starts from strategic gameplay between players which transforms into bonding, connection while you savor the tense of the play.


The statement of your home

The original oriental values are still inheriting brown color, now it is further decorated with minimalistic beauty and high-quality materials to class up your home space. This magnificent walnut wooden chess set not only provides you with excellent gameplay but also makes for a wonderful decoration piece. We invite you to let this timeless classic work of art add extra elegance to your game room.



Walnut wood, PU leather, brass.


Components: 1 chess board, 32 chess pieces.
Dimensions: 322 x 362 x 16 mm
Weight: 2.7 kg

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