A Song of Ice and Fire: Stark Crannogman Trackers

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The Crannogman Trackers excel at taking down prey from afar.

In combat, hitting the enemy without them being able to hit you back is a very powerful ability. In the battles of Westeros, warriors armed with bows can whittle down even heavily-armed foes, bringing victory to one side. In that role, Crannogman Trackers are the unit of choice for Free Folk commanders. They are lightly armed and armored, but that allows them to be quick and nimble. Their skill with their bows means enemies risk dying under a hail of missile fire. When joined by a Crannogman Warden, they become even more deadly, giving them a guiding hand to who to attack next.

The Crannogman Trackers Unit Box for A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game comes complete with everything a Free Folk player needs to put these harassers on the battlefield. They excel at movement and fighting on enemy flanks. And the Warden Unit Attachment gives them bonuses when attacking foes that have yet to activate.


  • The Crannogmen Trackers are a light, quick, ranged unit. They come at a cheap price, at 5 points.
  • Trackers are very fragile with their defense save of 6+ and morale save of 7+. If placed wrongly, they can be wiped out in a single well-placed attack.
  • The Crannogman Warden Attachment that comes with this unit gives them the "Opportunist" ability that allows them to re-roll any misses when attacking unactivated opponents.

Box Contents:

  • 13 Miniatures
  • Unit Card
  • Attachment Card
  • Movement Tray


    Age                        14+ years

    No. Players            2+

    Time                      45 - 60 mins


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