Powis ViewR 2.0

by Zaak
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  • New & Improved Ergonomic Design. The devil is in the details and the Powis ViewR 2.0 is devilishly good looking. It's designed for comfort and ease of use. A rubber edge sits comfortably on your face and protects the device from sweat and oil stains. The new front flap design paired with an inner foam piece completely covers and secures your smartphone for a fully immersive VR experience. We added steps to prevent accidental button presses. We've even included an air vent to help your phone from overheating when you're interacting with VR apps for prolonged periods of time. 
  • New & Improved Button. Our old button was cool but we saw room for improvement. We've changed the design of the button to work more accurately and consistently every single time you use the headset. 
  • Improved Optics and QR Code. We analyzed our lenses to find the exact specifications for nerdy measurements like lens coefficients and teamed up with our friends at Google to update our QR code. The result? An unparalleled mobile VR experience specifically tailored to your smartphone.  
  • Dual adjustable lenses. Nearsighted? Farsighted? Astigmatism? No problem. The Powis ViewR features lenses that independently adjust to correct a wide variety of vision problems. 
  • Durability. We used double thick corrugated cardboard to make sure the headset withstands the test of time.


2015 Google Cardboard Version 2.0 inspired design. Launched at Google I/O Conference in May 2015.

Works with all smartphones 4-6.5 inches.  Android, iPhone, Windows.

Made with pride in the USA.

Fully assembled.





Google's Cardboard project makes virtual reality accessible to more people without any expensive or specialized hardware. With Google Cardboard you use the smartphone that's already in your pocket. We believe that virtual reality experiences will change the way we see the world - from tours of world famous landmarks, to 3D movies, to incredible gaming experiences.


This is a Google Cardboard certified viewer.


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