The Singaporean Dream Card Game (SGAG Edition)

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The Singaporean Dream by SGAG is an interactive card game where you can sabo, complain and pay your way to be the perfect Singaporean!

How to play:

  1. Select a Singaporean Personality that has a Special Power
  2. Draw 2 action cards and play 3 actions per turn
  3. Buy or gain Dreams by sabo-ing your friends
  4. Keep going until the Dreams run out, the Player with the most Dreams wins!

Box includes:

  • 104 hand-drawn cards (6 Personality Cards, 18 Dream Cards, 24 Cash Cards, 56 Action Cards)
  • 1 instruction sheet

Card Sleeves Pack include 104 Alchemy Card Sleeves that has a Black Backing 

 More info about the creators? Click HERE


Age                        13+

No. Players           3-6

Time                      30 mins

Card Size              64mm x 90mm

Extra                      FAQ


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