Marbotic Smart Letters


Inspired by Montessori teaching method, Marbotics create a unique interaction between wooden numbers and tablets. The wooden Smart Numbers are passive, using only static electricity to interact with your iPad - no wireless connection, batteries or power source required.

4 educational apps

Marbotic’s Smart Letters apps will enable your child to learn to read, recognize shapes and sounds of letters, play with phonics, discover vocabulary, and even write his first words in a funny and motivating environment.

Smart Letters

Learn to read with Marbotic’s Smart Letters! This interactive alphabet toy mixes the best of both physical and digital play by utilizing traditional wooden letters and modern touchscreen technology. Combined with your tablet, Smart Letters is the smartest method to learn to read! 

  • Nurture open-ended sensory play, fostering creativity and imagination
  • Builds fundamental reading and writing skills with an array of activities and difficulty levels
  • Learn spelling and enrich vocabulary
  • Available in 8 languages: American English, British English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Danish
  • No Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or additional batteries required
  • Compatible with iOS 7 and Android (Samsung Models only)  

What’s in the box: 

26 traditional wood letters from A to Z, 4 free education apps



Age                        3-6


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