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TOYTAG brings you the best collection of electric scooters which includes the new and improved Zero 2.0 by Next Drive. Reviews for Next Drive scooters have always been positive, given its sleek yet practical design and its affordability.

With the Zero 2.0, your safety will be ensured with better visibility thanks to the SmartLights at the rear end of the scooter. To add on, this high tech scooter can be paired with your mobile device to control features such as the light and speed. Get your hands on this awesome scooter today! 

Zero 2.0 Lightest Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter - TOYTAG

Zero 2.0 Lightest Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter

Next Drive

from $606.54

The New Zero 2.0 may look like its predecessor, but if you take a deeper look, you will find innovation on every level. The brainchild of a collabo...

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from $606.54

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