4M KidzLabs Human Organs

by 4M
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Try your hand at physiology! Learn human body science while having fun. Make interesting models and toys based on human organs to study each of their unique functions!
This Beginners Human Biology Kit Contains:
  • Cardboard lungs,
  • Outer projector box,
  • Inner projector box,
  • Reaction challenge strip,
  • Plastic lens,
  • Semi-transparent film,
  • Chain,
  • Glow brain parts,
  • Plastic skull set,
  • Diaphragm and blue disc,
  • Clear plastic dome,
  • Flexible tubing,
  • Earpiece,
  • Lung bag,
  • Plastic lung cavity,
  • Blue lid,
  • Balloon,
  • Blue base
Comes with detailed instructions. Adult guidance is recommended.
Also required but not included: a pencil, an AA battery and a pair of scissors.


        Age                        8+

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