Spencer - A codeable DIY voice assistant

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Build & code your own voice assistant

Ages 11+

No prior knowledge needed!

Spencer is a DIY voice assistant that talks, lights-up, connects to the internet, and understands simple voice commands.

He also has a funny personality, tells jokes, and finds new ones online.

Things Spencer can do as soon as you assemble him:

  • Tell you the weather forecast for your area
  • Tell you a joke
  • Sing a song
  • Set an alarm or reminder
  • Show animations
  • Make corny popular culture references

Talk to Spencer!

Spencer has a microphone and understands what you say (like, REALLY understands).

You can code new functions that will be triggered when you say certain sentences and words.

144 flashy bling bling LEDs

The LED display on Spencer’s face has a 144-pixel LED grid that can show data, custom icons, animations, and scrolling text


You’ll learn about hardware

  • Learn how to solder and assemble your very own personal voice assistant
  • Learn about microcomputers & electronics
  • Find out how an LED grid display works
  • Learn about sound processing

You’ll learn about software

  • Learn how to code a microcomputer in C/C++ and CircuitBlocks
  • Learn about the Internet of things
  • Learn about artificial intelligence and how to make Spencer smart
  • Learn about voice recognition and speech synthesis

Getting started with coding has never been easier

You can code Spencer in CircuitBlocks – our custom-made code editor similar to Scratch that makes it easy for beginners to get into physical computing.

Learn More 

Spencer has a build guide

Learn how to assemble your very own voice assistant by following a detailed build guide

Check it out

What you’ll get in the Box:

  • Spencer’s circuit board that includes a pre-soldered 144-pixel LED grid

  • The brain board – does smart stuff and includes a dual-core processor, a 16 MB flash memory chip, and power-management circuitry

  • Acrylic casing – this protects Spencer’s innards from the outside world

  • A big red button

  • Bag of other small components such as resistors and pushbuttons

  • Micro USB cable for powering your Spencer

  • 5W Speaker

  • Instruction booklet – ready for your offline knowledge consumption

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