Bioserie Toys

A new kind of green

Our toys are free of all toxic substances - well beyond regulatory needs!  

 Derived from plants, they don't deplete the earth from anything that can't grow again.

Versatile, colourful, easy to clean, they're perfect for your baby's first two years. 

Kind of cool, isn't it?


They stick to what babies really need to play with. Our range is designed to help them go through teething, learn to grasp, manipulate, and understand basic concepts such as cause-effect, shapes, colors and sizes. We hope our toys will become your family's favorites and will be used and re-used!

Bioserie Toys - Star Teether - TOYTAG

Bioserie Toys - Star Teether



KEEP BABY AND MOMMY HAPPY! Age Group: 0 Months + Comes in two colors. Like all other toys from the line, this product is made from our proprietary ...

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