Happy 2017! TOYTAG @ Prive!

On the 9th of January at the Prive cafe at Keepel Bay with yachts bobbing in the sea, a modern art sculpture, whose meaning was up to interpretation and a cool breeze to accompany. ToyTag had a gathering of most of it's best and brightest. The night started with grace being said in thanks for all the good times had and coming and a meal whose fair was decent but the company more than made up for it.

Then over some celebratory drinks, a cheers was called to more good times to come again (ToyTag is a optimistic bunch!). Then with topics ranging from food, arts, the psychology of nurture over nature, Japan, languages and more, even more laughs and smiles were had than in a Dwarven feast. The dinner ended literally with a bang with one the serving staff accidentally knocking over a glass of water on the table as we were leaving or it could have been a tradition, I am not too sure.

One would think that would be the end of the night but nigh. The night could not end without some games. Proceeding to a secret location, the crew proceeded to have ice cream dessert while setting up and games of the night included Tempura, Dixit Odyssey and Wits & Wagers. The game of Dixit had more than a few memorable moments. Especially with clues that included quotes from Star Wars: Rogue One, Mandarin worded ones and players like myself overthinking a situation and losing opportunities. And highlight for me was when one of the players kept me in the game by choosing me more than once when no other did, I sadly did not return the favour. 

The night only ended when the secret location had it's power turned off due to a time limit to the use of the location and thus we packed up to many a joke fitting of the situation. 

In conclusion, it was a good night spent in a country that we are all thankful for being and working in. We wish you all have as great a time in your outings as we did and till next time, live life full and play more games.


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